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“Design transcends agenda. It speaks to the politics of optimism”

Paul Bennett CCO, IDEO


In 2013 I found a link on google to a life design course. It was my introduction to Design Thinking and essentially, my people. I had used a method of inclusion and broad ranging review and ‘let’s not make what already exists’ in every program, class, law case, community project and home and yard design I had ever taken on. Now I found Design Thinking and I had a language for my work.


Paul Bennett has also said “Design at its core has always been about people and how we interact with one another. It is the silent expression of our community values and the motionless coordinator of our daily movements, both large and small”.


Relationship, with people and all of nature, with land, buildings, with space and thought, for me, goes into every aspect of my work. It is story and law and life. I know with every cell of my being this is the heart of all of our work. Combined with my teachings in Indigenous laws, relational protocols and understandings, this is my life’s work. I use it every day, for everything I do.


I have designed many institutional things, educational programs and classes for universities, strategic plans for Centres, policies, laws, programs and services, commission work.


I have also produced film, written script, edited video, books and essays and advised architects on Indigenous inclusion in design, including the design of my own home. Design as a relational tool is foundational in the work I do and I would love to design with you.


What is your Project? Let’s find your design team and together build a team, a conversation, an organization, program or space to ensure your work influences the world in the way you dream it will.

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